Your Boxi purchase helps feed children in need

OzHarvest proud supporterAt Boxi, we're all about the conscious consumer. Boxi Cool is designed to pack healthy, waste-free lunches, reducing the need for single-use plastic items like cling-wrap, packets and food wrappers. And it's fully recyclable, which means it can be broken down and made into something else when you're finished using it (or you could up-cycle it and use it to store fishing tackle, stationery, sewing supplies, craft, Lego or treasure!).

So we wanted to make sure our philosophies aligned with our consumers and ultimately the little people who will use our lunchboxes the most - children! The latest Census At School data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics found children skipping breakfast is equal to about two hungry kids in every classroom across the nation.

For every lunchbox purchase you make from us, we'll donate to OzHarvest who will provide one meal to a vulnerable child at school. Keep an eye on our Instagram or Facebook pages to see how your purchase is making a difference to children in need throughout Australia.

Your purchase helps keep children from going hungry

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