Spare ice brick for lunchbox - WHITE


  • Product Description

      Never leave the house without an ice brick to help keep your lunchbox cool and fresh. At times we forget to put the ice-brick back in the freezer. . . let's be honest, we've all done it! Put an extra one in your freezer and never experience the 'doh!' moment again.

  • Features

      • - Fits Boxi Cool™
      • - BPA free
      • - Stays frozen up to 6 hours* 
      • - It's a fact of science that when something frozen melts, it creates condensation. This ice brick will condensate as it defrosts - to help reduce the amount of condensation, pack the lunchbox inside an insulated bag and keep out of direct sunlight when in use. Don't pack it next to your books or electronic devices
      • - NB: the colour of this ice-brick is white.

      *keep your lunchbox in an insulated lunch bag out of direct sunlight. Use an additional ice-brick for added longevity, especially if you live in a hot climate.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Best lunchbox ever!

    This lunchbox has been a game changer for my son. It keeps his yoghurt nice and cool all day and the ice brick is light weight and doesn’t add unnecessary weight to his school bag. 3 years on and our lunchbox is still in great condition.

    Great built in ice brick to keep lunches cool

    I love having an ice brick that covers the whole base of the boxi. I have 4 ice bricks for my 2 boxis so I always have a spare on hand. The newer version fits really easy into the boxi and is really easy to pull out without needing to tap the bottom. It feels lighter than the older ice bricks but still keeps lunches cool until they're eaten.


    Awesome Quality and fabulous design

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