Boxi Cool™ is the latest bento-style lunchbox that is owned and designed in Australia and available to the global market. We’ve taken the time (two years to be exact!)  to conceptualise, design, test, refine to produce a premium product that has all the features you need in a lunchbox. This is the perfect lunchbox for children from 3 years old right through to pre-teens, and of course any adult that likes to have a seriously cool lunchbox!

We’ve added everything you love in a lunchbox to Boxi Cool™

You can now pack your rubbish-free lunch and keep it cool at the same time.



    The internal ice brick sits under the food tray to keep your food cool & fresh (up to 6 hours). This is different to other cooling packs that are placed in their own bag, because our cools more effectively with the cold source right next to your food.

    Boxi carry handle


    Practical with a handle that's perfect to slip over your fingers when you’ve got your hands full. And everything is contained in one lunchbox!


    Boxi Cool™ is made from BPA free food-grade plastic and is fully recyclable. For every lunchbox sold, we'll donate to a charity who provides meals to vulnerable children at school.

    Boxi lunchbox large capacity for food


    You can fit a massive 1.37 litres (5.5 cups) of food in this lunchbox if you fill each compartment . . . or, you can just pack what you know you’ll eat!

    Boxi lunchbox adjustable food tray


    Boxi Cool™ comes with two dividers to create additional compartments allowing you to pack more variety of food.

    Boxi lunchbox easy open latch


    Easy for little fingers to open but with closed-in sides to prevent accidental opening.

    Boxi lunchbox with double hinge


    Double hinge to make it extra sturdy.

    Boxi is a seriously cool lunchbox


    Not only is Boxi Cool™ designed to keep your food cooler for longer, it also looks cool! (well, we think so anyway!)

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