Lunchbox with ice brick

Lunchbox with ice brickLooking for a lunchbox with an ice brick? Well you've found it! We've spent years developing this bento-style lunchbox that keeps your food cool and fresh. A lunchbox that’s perfect for kids and adults!

Features of our lunchbox include:

  • Ice brick in the bottom of the lunchbox  that's big enough to cover the entire width so all of your lunch stays cool (not just one section)
  • Leak proof seal in the lid to help prevent your food from spilling into each compartment. It's perfect for yoghurt and dips, but it's not suitable for soup or runny liquids like juice from tinned fruit
  • A handle so you can easily carry it on one finger (because our hands are always full carrying other stuff!)
  • A single latch that's easy for little and big kids to open and close
  • A large food tray that's big enough to hold an entire sandwich, fitting up to 5.5 cups of food (1.37 litres) – it’ll even fit a small apple in the long compartment on the right-hand side
  • Dividers to separate the food tray from 4 compartments into 6, so you can pack a variety of foods to satisfy your appetite
  • Double stainless steel hinges for added durability
  • Made from food grade plastic (ABS and Silicone) that’s BPA free and fully recyclable at the end of life.

Pack enough healthy, home-made lunch in your Boxi Cool™ lunchbox to last you an entire day. This lunchbox is perfect for school, work, road trips, picnic, play-dates or for those who like to meal plan and portion control.

A good lunchbox is by far the best investment you can make for packing school and work lunches. It inspires you to take healthy food from home, instead of buying something on the run. And, because of its large and dividable compartments, it encourages you to pack waste-free food items like using 1 litre bulk yoghurt instead of individual tubs or yoghurt pouches. We’re not saying don’t pack these items, we’re just saying that by using the Boxi Cool lunchbox to pack packaging-free or minimally packaged foods, you’re not only contributing to your own healthy diet but also to a healthier planet by reducing waste.

We hear you ask, “is this the best lunchbox”? Well, we certainly think so! Do you research; see what other cool lunchboxes you can find and how they keep your lunch cool, how much food you can pack and what other features might suit you. We know you’ll love the Boxi Cool lunchbox as much as we do.

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