October 2020

T3 production update:

We’re really happy with the most recent modifications we made on the tooling because our latest sample, T3, is really good – it looks nice, it feels nice and it functions nice. YAY! There are only a few minor adjustments that need to be made now + adding the texture, so I really do feel like we’re on the home straight.

In-between T2 and T3, we received many individual part samples to assess. We did this to try and speed up the process a little but it was still important to make our assessment and modifications based on the completed T3 sample which arrived last week.

Our drink bottles have arrived and they’re gorgeous! We’ve managed to source four colours: white, black, blue and pink! So, if you pre-ordered one with your lunchbox, you can now choose which colour you’d like.



We’ve also sourced the perfect sized teaspoon that fits in all compartments of the food tray. Made from stainless steel, they’ll make eating your yoghurt easy from the Boxi Cool lunchbox. And guess what!? Everyone who has already placed a pre-order will be getting a free teaspoon with their lunchbox!

Our manufacturers, engineering team and myself are all really aware of the time it’s taking. I wish there was some way to speed up this process; it’s extremely frustrating and somewhat disappointing that it has taken so long. However, I’m really happy with the quality of this product – and that was one of my main goals when I set-out to create a brand new lunchbox: quality!

Thanks for hanging in there with me – your support, your lovely messages and comments on social media are really encouraging and helping to keep me focused (plus I’m super excited to get these lunchboxes delivered to you all!). So thank you! We’re so, so close.

As always, if you have questions please reach out to me here: hello@boxi.com.au

Kirby 💙💙

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