November 2020

Boxi production update - T4 sample is AWESOME!

The master colour batches have been mixed and ready for our very first production run to start!

The icebrick mould has been sent for texturisation and when it’s finished, production on the ice brick will start. Woo hoo! The icebrick is being manufactured in a dedicated cold technology factory and will be sent to our other factory for assembly inside the lunchbox.

We are really happy with the modifications made on the T4 sample and it is the model you’ll receive. Five of the moulds need texturising, which will take 1-2 weeks, then we can hit ‘go’ on manufacturing all components of the lunchbox.

We are expecting the first manufacture run to be completed before Christmas and the export to Australia to commence before the end of this year. We don’t have a definite shipping timeframe, but we’re aiming for them to arrive here before school starts at the end of January 2021.

Check out the colours of the lunchboxes next to the drink bottles. Our favourite combo is the blue lunchbox with the white drink bottle and the pink lunchbox with the black drink bottle. If you pre-ordered a drink bottle, you can choose any colour combo you like! 

If you’re looking for a lunchbag that fits your Boxi lunchbox, the internal dimensions you’ll need to look for are: 23cm long x 20cm wide x 7.5cm high. These are the ones we know our Boxi lunchbox fits in: Montii Co, Little Renegade Company, Artic Zone Expandable, MyFamily and Smiggle Oblong Lunchbag.


Your lunchboxes are almost here! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your patience. It’s been an extremely frustrating process and I’m so thankful to you for your understanding that the barriers we’ve faced in 2020 have been completely out of our control.

You'll hear from me again soon. In the mean time, find us on Facebook or Instagram to see what we're up to. 


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