April 2020

It’s on – tooling has started and manufacturing will follow in May!

It's on - tooling has started and manufacturing will follow in May. It's been such a looong time coming, and I kinda can't believe it's now happening. I'm so, so excited - I know you're all eager to get your lunchboxes and I'm just as keen to get them to you. Read the update on our website or scroll down

Here’s an approximate timeline:

March/April – tooling of all parts (this is the creation of the steel moulds that are used to shape the lunchbox and the ice brick).

Late April – arrival of first sample off the new tool. This will be a ‘draft’ of the very first mass-produced Boxi lunchbox. From here we’ll refine the tool until the lunchbox fits our design and engineering requirements. Now, we were originally going to China for the sampling phase but due to travel restrictions, we won’t be visiting. So, it means that this phase will take longer than the original two week estimation, and depending on how many samples we require, will depend on how long this phase will last. We’re estimating 4- 6 weeks (including import/export).

Late May/June – production and assembly will start and take approximately 4 weeks. We will use independent assessors for our quality assurance checks prior to our first shipment being released (this originally would have occurred while our engineers were in China during the sampling phase).

Mid-June/early July – arrival in Australia! At the moment, sea freight is taking about 4-6 weeks and air freight is taking 10 -14 days (but costs a lot more). We’ll make a decision closer to the time about which method we’ll use.

As soon as our Boxi lunchboxes arrive, I will be posting them out to you. I want to thank each and every one of you for sticking with me through this journey… I knew it was a long road to travel but I didn’t think it would be this long and have so many unexpected hurdles. I’m grateful to you for your gracious understanding and support of me as a small (micro!) business. From my family to yours, stay safe, stay connected and stay at home.

Like always, if you have any questions please email me hello@boxi.com.au

Kirby x


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