We're a new business and COVID-19 has impacted us significantly.

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Our manufacturing was meant to start early this year, but due to the virus outbreak, we've been significantly delayed. After finalising our prototypes late in 2019, our tooling commenced in January, then started again in late March. Now that tooling has been completed, we're currently fine-tuning the samples by refining the tools to make sure our lunchbox is functional and good quality. Sampling would normally have taken two weeks to complete, because we (myself and the engineers) would have physically been in the factory working directly with the manufacturers. We're unable to do this due to restrictions in international travel. 

Our fourth sample has just arrived and I'm happy to announce there will be no further changes made to the design! Woo Hoo! The moulds need texturising and then production can start.

International freight is now our biggest challenge. We're currently negotiating with different carriers for best price and timeframes. I know the importance of having this lunchbox here before school starts at the end of January so I'm working towards that goal.

I'll keep you up to date via Instagram and Facebook, along with updates via our e-newsletter and website.

Thanks for your patience and supporting my small start-up business. I really couldn't do this without you!


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