Our first donation to OzHarvest

Boxi donating to OzHarvestWe are so so proud to share our first donation to OzHarvest with you - and it's all thanks to you! For every lunchbox sold, we donate the funds to provide one meal to a marginalised child at school.

During our crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo, we sold 510 lunchboxes. So that's 510 meals going to vulnerable school-aged children.

OzHarvest are not only a food rescue charity, they also provide basic cooking skills workshops and nutritional education to people who may face food insecurity, as well as pathways to employment for vulnerable youth. They weigh everything and use every part of the produce they receive, so nothing goes to waste. They've got it down to a fine art with $1 providing two meals. AWESOME!

Boxi is a proud supporter of OzHarvest

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