Packing your Boxi lunchbox

Simple food is the way to go when packing a healthy lunchbox for school or work. The Boxi Cool™ lunchbox is designed to pack waste-free foods in the separate compartments and we made the food tray adjustable to help you pack the foods you love most. Need some ideas on what to pack? Click here.

Put a whole sandwich or salad in the main compartment, or divide it into two and pack a tapas style lunch. Place a whole small apple, mandarin, nectarine or peach in the compartment on the right or add a special-treat muffin or cupcake to celebrate the end of the week. And the best thing is, the Boxi Cool lunchbox will keep your food cool with the ice-brick in the bottom, and fresh with the leak-proof lid that prevents spillage and spoilage.

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