June 2020

T1 sample update – June 2020  

Boxi packaging

Boxi packaging openBoxi lunchbox with ice brick closed

Boxi T1 sample lunchbox with ice brickOur T1 sample finally made it to Australia yesterday! After initial rejection from customs, then a 5 night stay in Singapore waiting for a flight to Australia, we finally have it in our hands. The reason customs rejected the lunchbox was because of the liquid in the ice-brick. It needed to include the Material Safety Data Sheet to prove that the liquid is not a hazard for flying – it’s a great lesson to learn now, so we can make sure it doesn’t happen with future shipments.

Some really awesome points about the sample:

  • The seal in the lid is really amazing – we’re very happy with its functionality and how easy it is to take out and put back in.
  • The handle is great – it looks and feels good and it’s such a useful feature. 
  • The size and fit of the parts is really good for a first sample – there are a few adjustments to be made so it aligns with our quality specifications and design requirements.
  • It’s easy to clean – yes, we’ve already given it a trial run!
  • Our custom packaging is really unique and will look fabulous when the graphic design is finalised.

After these adjustments, we’re expecting 2-3 more samples to happen. Once we have it to our standard, we’ll then add the texture to the surfaces so mass manufacturing can start. 

It took two weeks for this sample to get here, so we’re expecting the turn-around time of each subsequent sample to be 2-3 weeks each (normally the sampling process would have only taken 2 weeks because we would have been at the factory overseeing it). I wish I could give you an exact delivery date of the final product, but it’s unrealistic for me to do that right now. We want you to know that the engineers, manufacturers and myself are working really hard to get it right, and get it here as fast as humanly possible. Thank you for your continued support and understanding – it really means so much to me.

Boxi lunchbox with icebrick and crossaint

As always, email me with any questions; I’m always happy to answer them.



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