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We’ve been in design and development for the past three years; creating, testing, refining and re-testing. Now it’s time to bring Boxi Cool™ to the homes of people around the world, but to do this..

Who knew developing a product from scratch would take so much time, energy and money! But it’s been so worth it to create such a fantastic product that we know you’ll love. We legally own our Intellectual Property and our name has been Trade Marked, we just need a little help to get through the final stages which include tooling (creating the machine to make the products) and production.

After a successful crowd-funding campaign on IndieGogo, raising over $35,000, we've proceeded with the following:

  1. Engineering the moulds that create the lunchbox
  2. Order and test our second prototype
  3. Make slight refinements to the design to make it even more functional and durable.
  4. Assess and refine samples - we're currently assessing T3 (sample 3)

Normally (i.e. pre-COVID), we would have been in the factory working directly with the manufacturers during the sampling phase. But, with COVID restrictions, we're unable to travel to the factory, so everything is being done remotely online, and being sent to us by air freight for assessment and feedback. This is taking a significant amount of time.

Once, we're completely satisfied with our sample, we'll send the tooling for texturisation and then manufacturing can start.  Shipping to Australia takes approximately 4 weeks. Once they're here, I'll pack them and ship them straight to our customers.

I'm really happy with the progress we're making and I'm really excited about the quality of the product we're developing. I can assure you it'll be worth the wait to get your awesome lunchbox and I will work around-the-clock, when the shipment arrives, to get them out our door and into your door.

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