Pre-order options on IndieGogo

For the first 24 hours, all Boxi Cool lunchboxes will be discounted by 33% to $39! They'll then go to 25% off at $45. So we suggest placing your order within the first 24 hours so you can get the biggest discount. After the pre-order sale ends, Boxi lunchboxes will be available on our website for $59.95.

There are a few options you can choose from when you pre-order on IndieGogo.

  • If you want one lunchbox, choose the option that says '1 Boxi Cool'.
  • If you want two lunchboxes, choose the option that says '2 Boxi Cool' and so on (see picture for example).
  • Once you've selected your option, click 'GET THIS PERK'.
  • From there you have the chance to add-on an extra ice-brick or drink bottle. (Note: your lunchbox comes with an ice-brick, the add-on is the option to buy a second ice-brick).

You will then proceed to the checkout where you'll fill in your shipping address and credit card details. Your credit card will be charged immediately however, if we don't reach our $35,000 funding goal at the end of the 30 days, your credit card will be refunded (but we're really really hoping that's not the case!).

We'll be available to chat via Facebook messenger on Tuesday 27 & Wednesday 28 August from 7pm. If you need any assistance placing your order, please send us a message.

When the pre-order period finishes, we'll send out a survey for you to vote on the second colour we manufacture. Boxi Cool will come in two colours: Ice Blue and _________. The colour with the most votes will win, and that will be the second colour we produce. Here's a sneak peak at your choices:

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