We’ve been in design and development for the past two years, creating, testing, defining and re-testing. Now it’s time to bring Boxi Cool™ to the homes of people around the world, but to do this, we need significant capital investment to get up-and-running.

Who knew developing a product from scratch would take so much time, energy and money! But it’s been so worth it to create such a fantastic product that we know you’ll love. We legally own our Intellectual Property and our name has been Trade Marked, we just need a little help to get through the final stages which include tooling (creating the machine to make the products) and production.

So we’re opening pre-orders through the well-known crowd-funding platform, IndieGogo. We’ve set the funding goal at $35,000 (which is only about a quarter of what we need). You’ll be able to pre-order a lunchbox, drink bottle, and additional ice brick – and the best bit about it is all products will be heavily discounted (especially in the first 24 hours ;) ) during the crowd-funding campaign.

Providing that we’re successful in achieving the initial goal of $35,000, we’ll get straight into creating the tools (think, big massive steel robots!) we need to manufacture the lunchboxes. We estimate shipment to Australia to be the end of January 2020, then delivered to you in the weeks following.

If our crowd-funding campaign doesn’t reach the $35,000 goal, all pre-orders will be refunded through IndieGogo. But we’re seriously hoping you share this with your friends and family and help us reach our goal (maybe even surpass it)!

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