Boxi Cool Lunchbox with ice brick - 'Almost Black'


  • Product Description

      This bento-style Boxi™ lunchbox with ice brick has a massive 5.5 cup (1.37 litre) capacity allowing you to comfortably pack a whole day's worth of food. The four main compartments are the perfect size to fit a sandwich or roll, plus snacks to get you through the day. Don't want to pack a sandwich, or maybe you're someone who likes a variety of foods to graze on throughout the day? Simply add the adjustable walls to divide the tray into six compartments and pack an assortment of foods to satisfy your hunger pains.

      Also available in Strawberry (Ice Cream) and Ice Blue.

      The internal ice-brick sits under the food tray, helping to keep foods cooler for longer. Simply pack your lunch the night before and keep it in the fridge, grab the ice-brick out of the freezer and pop it in Boxi Cool™ as you're heading out the door in the morning.

      Do your part for the environment, buy in bulk and pack healthy, rubbish-free lunches in your Boxi Cool™. The leak-proof silicone lining inside the lid helps prevent food spilling or spoiling - the corner compartment is perfect for yoghurt or dips.

      Made from food-grade plastic and BPA free, Boxi Cool™ is simply the coolest lunchbox for the whole family to use. The convenient carry handle and kid-friendly latch make it easy to transport and prevent accidental opening (no one wants spilled food inside a school bag!). Dishwasher safe on the top rack (but not the ice-brick!).

      And one more thing, for every lunchbox sold we'll provide a marginalised child with a meal at school! Keep an eye on our social media for details about the latest donation.

  • Features

      • - 5.5 cup (1.37 litre) capacity,
      • - Internal ice brick to keep food cooler for longer (up to 6 hours - we recommend using an insulated lunch bag to increase longevity of the ice brick),
      • - Four main sections in the food tray with option to create six,
      • - Includes compartment dividers,
      • - Leak-proof lid for wet foods (not liquids),
      • - Convenient carry handle,
      • - Child-friendly clasp with bump-resistant sides to prevent accidental opening,
      • - Completely recyclable at end-of-use,
      • - BPA and phthalate free,
      • - Can be used without the ice-brick,
      • - Dishwasher safe - top rack only (ice-brick is not suitable for the dishwasher).
  • Care Instructions

      • - Hand wash recommended
      • - Dishwasher safe, top rack only, maximum temp 65 degrees Celsius
      • - Disassemble the silicone seal and food tray prior to washing
      • - Tip out excess water from food-tray and allow to dry right-side-up, so water under the edges can escape 
      • - Allow all parts to dry completely before next use or storage
      • - Do not put the ice brick in the dishwasher – wipe it down with a damp cloth before re-freezing
      • - Leave the lid open or slightly ajar to prevent any mould growing


      Length 24cm x Width 20cm x Height 7cm
      Total weight 615g (without ice-brick), 1050g (with ice-brick)
      Food capacity 1.37 litres (1370 mls / 5.5 metric cups / 3pint / 50 fl oz)

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